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Thank you for visiting the Huntingdale Christian Church (HCC) web page please feel free to navigate around the site.

HCC is a local Christian church situated in the suburb of Huntingdale Western Australia. We are a non-denominational, independent Christian church and are members of the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches of Australia (FECA)

HCC was formerly known as Bethany Christian Fellowship (BCF) which began in 1986.

In 2009 we officially changed our name to Huntingdale Christian Church, mainly to identify ourselves with our local community; we do however attract many people from surrounding suburbs and beyond.

As you navigate the site you will notice that we offer a diverse range of ministries and activities to the community. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further details about the church or about any of the activities.

Open Doors Ministry: Dangerous Faith

Date: Sunday November 16th 6.30PM

Huntingdale Christian Church is pleased to host Peter Trott from Open Doors Ministry to share with us the DVD "Dangerous Faith":What it is like to be Christian in the Middle East and to share recent updates of the turmoil within the region that is currently filling our news.

Entry is free however an offering will be taken with all proceeds going directly to help those in the midst of persecution. Open doors will also have a book stand operating on the night.

Light refreshments will be served and an opportunity to talk further with Peter Trott